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Welcome to InfoDot LLC.

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The "DOT" is the next generation label technology!


                               The "DOT" is:                                   

                                       -  Human Readable

                                       -  Machine Readable                             

                                       -  RF ID Write/Read 

                             (Any combination of the above)


The "DOT" uses DataMatrix ECC200 bar code to encode as much data as a traditional bar code while taking up only one-tenth the space - making the "DOT" the ideal identification solution for small parts tracking.

The relative size of the label also lends itself to other applications where a smaller label is preferred such as evidence tracking or fixed asset tracking for items with which a larger bar code label may be considered obtrusive.

The "DOT" resists solvents, caustics, acids, and temperatures of nearly 500 F. The "DOT" also discourages theft or tampering and is non-transferable. Plus, because of the high redundancy within the DataMatrix ECC200 Bar Code Symbology, the "DOT" is still readable when as much as 60% of the image is damaged.


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