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Foil Label Test Results:

      Photo anodized aluminum bar codes are known for maintaining their readability in a wide range of environments and uses. They perform better than other types of labels in demanding environments with the exception of those environments that chemically attack aluminum, such as highly caustic or highly acidic applications. Recommended performance is in a pH range of 5.5 to 8.5.

      The Foil InfoDot is produced using an image intensification process on the photo anodized aluminum which results in higher product performance in heat ant ultraviolet conditions.

      The chart below will help determine if anodized aluminum is right for your application. Always test a sample in your exact environment to ensure performance. Tests were conducted in laboratory environments and may or may not simulate your conditions.

Temperature Tests

Test Conditions

Effect on Readability

265 Hrs @ 500F

90 Hrs @ 600F

60 Hrs @ 700F

Dark reflectance is reduced

at these thresholds.

This can affect



Ultraviolet Exposure Tests               

Test Condition

Effect on Readability


20 year equivalent

Reduced overall readability

after these thresholds.


Abrasion Tests

Test Condition

Effect on Readability

Plates were brushed

for 7000 cycles

with stiff nylon wheel (C-17)

at 1000 mg (16oz.) load

Reduced overall readability

after these thresholds.


Environmental, Chemical Atmosphere & Contact Tests

Test Conditions

Effect on Readability

Water / Humidity

No effect

Salt Spray 5%

at 95 degree F

No effect

Ammonium Hydroxide

Slight dulling of image;

affects overall readability

Ethyl Alcohol

No effect

Ethyl Acetate

24 Hours

No effect

Ferric Chloride 10%

16 hours

No effect

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